Friday, 3 February 2012

Only 'quality' migrants welcome in Britain

In a move bound to create ripples, Britain today announced a shift of focus in its immigration policy which now seeks to welcome only those Indian and other non-EU immigrants "who add to the quality of life" barring others with a low income potential.
Two proposals outlined in a major speech by Immigration Minister Damian Green are likely to affect Indian professionals and migrants.
The government has already announced its intention to scrap the Post-Study Work visa for non-EU students, which has been popular among Indians.
Non-EU professionals whose annual income at the end of mandatory five years work and stay in the UK is less than 31,000 pounds will need to return to their countries of origin. Only those with an income higher than this will be allowed to stay here permanently.
Secondly, British citizens and residents who seek to marry foreign spouses need to show an annual income of around 25,000 pounds before they can bring their spouses here.
The objective is to stop such foreign spouses seeking financial support from the state. The speech has already come under fire for allegedly focussing on "wealthy immigrants", and preventing young Britons with origins in the Indian sub-continent with limited income from marrying spouses from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries.
In the speech at Police Exchange think-tank, Green said he wanted to build a "national consensus" around immigration, adding: "Importing economic dependency on the state is unacceptable.
"Bringing people to this country who can play no role in the life of this country is equally unacceptable".

Speculation over Kareena's impending marriage with Saif continues...

Wedding of Bollywood actors is news of public interest and thus an overdose of speculation is guaranteed.
News of Rani Mukherjee getting married every six months, John Abraham getting secretly married every now and then is common.
Kareena-Saif marriage is another 'popular news'.
Its now said, the two are planning to get engaged on Feb 10. The day will also see the release of Kareena's film 'Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu'.
When we met up Kareena a few days back, she told, "Yes we are definitely thinking of marriage but it all depends on our film commitments. I am busy promoting Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, then Agent Vinod and also shooting for Heroine. So all depends on when's the right time."
The actress also denied of Ritu Kumar designing her wedding outfit. "That's not true" she said.
The wedding news has put both Saif and Kareena in spotlight. "I am only asked about the marriage. No one seems interested in our films anymore" laughed Kareena.

Londoner Ash King takes Bollywood by storm

A former PC World worker from Southall is being tipped as Bollywood’s ‘Voice of 2012’ after being discovered by music maestro A R Rahman.  
The appropriately named Ash King, 25, impressed Rahman so much at a meeting organized by mutual friends in London the Oscar-winning composer flew King out to Chennai for a recording session at his private studio.
King has already laid a sound base for himself in Bollywood with two of the most popular songs of 2011; the catchy Te Amo from Dum Maare Dum and the soulful I Love You from Salman Khan’s monster hit Bodyguard.
He’s now set to take 2012 by storm with ‘Aunty Ji’ from ‘Ek Main aur Ek Tu’, the Vegas-based Rom Com starring Bollywood’s hottest young actors Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor.
The success is no surprise given that the classically trained singer and songwriter has been surrounded by music from a young age.  His grandfather was the first Indian classical music teacher at Nobel Peace prize winner Rabindranath Tagore’s home and school Shantinikaitan.  King spent his childhood surround by celebrated musical artistes with whom his father worked closely with including Ravi Shankar.
The UKAsian will be profiling Ash to coincide with the release of Ek Main Ek Tu; the interview will be published Monday 06th February.

-    UKAsian Staff